Who We Are:  Halloween FX Props is a group of lost souls, forever intertwined, and sentenced to walk the earth for all of eternity making incredible Halloween Props.

What We Do: Halloween FX Props provides great Halloween props with fantastic customer service at reasonable prices. Masks, costumes, and scary effects too!

What We Believe: We believe customer service is the most important thing in business. We still operate like the old days when companies cared about their customers. We Warranty and Guarantee EVERY item we sell. If you are not happy for any reason, let us know. 

From Pneumatic Props to Animated Props, and everything in between - Halloween FX has what you need. We carry over 9,000 items, including decor, lighting, Escape Room Props, latex props and more. We also specialize in making Custom Halloween Props. Just describe your idea and we will make it happen!

If Haunted Attractions are your thing...
Check out our Award Winning haunted attraction - Wisconsin Scaryland! The Midwest's premiere haunted house in Madison, WI.

And if you like Escape Rooms...
Check out the #1 Escape Room Complex in the Midwest - Escape in Time in Madison, WI. 

guy.jpg Guy AKA "Mr. Nasty" / Owner & CEO

Meet Guy, better known to his minion's as "Mr Nasty.” He is the evil lord and CEO behind our operation. His favorite pastime is thinking up new, evil and torturous projects for all his minions to perform. In his spare time, you’ll find him in the science lab, practicing his evil laugh while he plays with all of his mad scientist inventions. Our sinister lord is obsessed with bringing his unnatural creations to life and will do all in his power to bring his evil creations to every home in his realm.